House Facade

3Ds Max / Unity Web Player - 2014

The house facade was made for a company based in northern UK and should be created within the Unity Engine.

It is based on a typical urban house located in the same area as the company is located at.
I decided agaisnt a more modular approach and instead opted for a system which would allow me to combine elements in 3Ds Max into a single facade. While this approach is not as flexible within the engine, it does save quite a bit of drawcalls and variations of the facade can still be built quickly inside of 3Ds Max.

The out of the four used textures are tileable textures and therefore memory saving.

If you would like to view a larger version of the facade within the Unity Web Player, please click here.

Below you can find the asset within the Unity Web Player.

Unity house
Unity house Unity house
Unity house

Copyright by Mathis Widrat