Rural House

CryEngine - 2014

This rural house was the first model I created mainly for the CryEngine.

The model was developed with four modular textures, so it's possible to create different versions of this house in no time.
The stones texture is based on a highpoly 3d scan of a real life stone wall. This scan provided both the highpoly and a basic diffuse texture.

8,9k Polys, 13,9k Tris

Roofing: 2048 x 1024
Trunks: 2048 x 1024
Planks: 2048 x 1024
Stones: 2048 x 1024


CryEngine - 2014

In addition to the rural house I created a small environment within the CryEngine by using only assets which were already provided by the Engine.

Since this was my first level I created within the Cryengine I needed some time to get used to the UI, the tools and the existing assets.
I tried to make the forest look dense and dark when standing outside. I wanted there to be a clear transition between the forest and the more open areas.

Copyright by Mathis Widrat